Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I'd rather be picking daisies.

First History of Art exam today. It went well. I wrote fluidly and eloquently, I am quite pleased to say. I opened the paper, flicked through the images and just went 'Shit.' but as soon as I got the ball rolling I managed to find quite a bit to say. Rodin's Balzac was the most recognisable piece of the bunch, however out of the three, I found this the hardest to write about. I think it's because it was sculpture and I'm pretty poor when it comes to sculpture if it isn't Neo-Classical or Italian Futurist.

I came home and went to the cemetary. I sat under the tree next to Dad's spot and I read for a while. Came across some brilliant Wordsworth poems I had never spied in the old book before. I must have been there for an hour. I left with a new found apprieciation for daisies. Unfortunately I found that because there was a service being held in the Chapel my car had been blocked in so I had to walk home. I then went to pick it up later after walking Laura home.

I also heard today that my AS art exam piece is being exhibited in the Truro College show in the Lemon Quay Market gallery. I had no idea until a friend text me today and told me the work is up. I am overjoyed. My first exhibited work! Haha. I am a genuine bona-fide artist.

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