Monday, 22 June 2009

oh dear oh dear oh dear

My whole family erupted into childish giggles when Mum's sticky toffee pudding arrived at her table in the restaurant this evening. We were all thinking the same thing. It looked like a giant turd. It didn't help the fact the toffee sauce that surrounded the mound was a stained yellow colour. I couldn't help myself, and found myself spouting any filthy joke that came to mind. At one point I did go 'It looks like Horse turd!' rather loudly and I think some people heard. Oh dear, oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I am going to Portugal with Laura and her family for 3 weeks. Life is goooooood.

My writing has become so disjointed of late. It no longer flows. Well... That is me assuming that it once did. Perhaps an arrogant viewpoint to take. But then again, where did modesty get anyone? I shall have to tend to this ailment and get my writing back up to scratch. Apologies to my English teachers at school wot got me too rite good engerlish.

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