Monday, 20 April 2009

Apocalypse now?

This coffee is disgusting. I think I may take a vow to only drink fresh coffee from now on and never drink this instant shit.

Goddd life has been hectic. My mind has been through so many states in the past 24hrs. From ecstasy and jubilation to frustration and despair. I don't want to call them mood swings because that makes me sound like a pregnant woman, but I guess that is essentially what they are. Perhaps it's something to do with the lunar calendar. Or maybe Venus is in the house of Jupiter. I have no idea what that means btw, I just think it sounds good.

I ran into St Ives today. From the bottom of my road in Carbis Bay, along the coast path, along the front, across the harbour and I made sure I touched the lighthouse before I stopped. I thought I was going to be sick at one point because it was only about an hour after breakfast, but I was OK. Go me.

Something made me laugh earlier. Someone posted this in the 'Introduction' section of a magazine in the Guardian. It's an advertisement of the arrival of the messiah from some obscure cult. Apparently people all over the world have noticed the appearance of a new star in the sky and it coincides with the coming of this Messiah who is called Maitreya. He's probably actually called something like Clive or Malcolm. Just like David Koresh, the leader of the Branch Davidians who held a siege on a building in Waco, Texas that subsequently ended up burning down and him dying. Therefore ruling him out as the real Messiah. The name David Koresh sounds lovely and Jewish and all Messiah-esque. Such a shame his real name was Vernon Wayne Howell.

Anyway, for anyone who feels persuaded by the fact that this appearance is 'stimulating debate' then here is the advert.

Convinced? I am. I'm almost ready for my belief to be tested.

Oh that was the darkest and sickest joke I've ever made. I am a hideous person.

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