Wednesday, 29 April 2009

usual drool

I was rather childish in life drawing today. The paint squirting out of the tubes made an interesting noise and I had to hold in the laughter so hard. The room was deathly silent also which didn't help. Does that make sense? Should it be deadly silent? I prefer the word deathly to deadly. Deathly is slow, black, ominous and swallowing. Deadly is fast paced and out of the blue.

Oh btw this could be my last ever post because Swine Flu has entered Devon.

It's been nice knowing you all, thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your lives.

I'm off to watch the snooker now. All my faves are out so I have to root for someone different this year. I tend to pick snooker players on how they look as opposed to their style of play (O'Sullivan in exception). I don't like Stephen Hendry because he looks like he's been hit in the lip with a tranquiliser dart. Ryan Day's eyes are too dark and sullen. Neither of these players made the semi's though so I'm fine. Robertson has stupid hair. Murphy looks like Chucky from Child's Play. Allen is only 4 years older than me so I am insanely jealous of him. Higgins it is then. Good old Higgins. He looks like a fairly average guy. I can support him to the end. God I love snooker.

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