Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The fatal mix of the temptating alure of cheap chocolate & a "just one more" attitude to life

I couldn't help myself. I ate all the chocolate in my advent calendar yesterday. What a greedy, indulgent thing to do. But then again, tis the season to be jolly, so I shall not dwell upon my absence of willpower in this instance.

I went into the new superstore opposite college today. "The Range" as it's called. The girl who was on the till did this really weird thing where she could have quite easily have dropped the change into my outstretched hand yet she seemed to do this thing where she sort of fumbled the coins individually into my grip, touching my hand quite a bit. I'm not too keen when shop workers touch your hand when giving change. It's just rather odd. On the plus side she did serve with a smile. Which is something the College bus drivers could do once in a while.

Although I did hear a bus driver say today "Right. Ladies first. You know the rules!" How nice of him. I hope all the testosterone pumped, steroid using, arrogant gym monkey twats listened to him.

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lally* said...

I know the very bus driver you talk of in here. He is my friends uncle and he is the only vaguely nice and human bus driver I have ever met.