Monday, 8 December 2008

The first of the festive decorations.

The christmas lights went up today. They are hanging over my head as I type. Like a long string of gastly flashing & clashing colours. But they do evoke a nice warm feeling inside. Nostalgia. Mmmm.

Any warm feeling initially created by the lights has been destroyed. I've been listening to a lot of Bill Hicks today. Damn I wish he was still alive. He'd have a field day on Bush & the War on Terror. Mind you, we'd have 10,000 anal Brits up and complain about his language. Just like the people who all complained about Russel Brand & Jonathan Ross. Why don't they do something useful with their time and write to Gordon Brown pressurising him to act quicker on the Humanitarian Crisis in Darfur, or the residing issue of Mugabe still being in power. Seems what we have is a population who tut at the images of starving children and say "What a shame. Oh well.", yet get the pen & paper out to complain about Jonathan Ross.

Oh Lord, I have myself all stressed and negative now before bed.

I'll read some more of A Picture of Dorian Gray. Yes, that will do me fine for the night.

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