Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry XXXmas

It's boxing day, the big day has gone... It's all over for another year. I only had 4 hours sleep on Christmas Day and that messed a lot of things up. I got a space hopper though, so that's good. Oh and Barrack Obama's book which I wanted for sometime. Whether I'll ever get to read it though is another thing. I have several classic novels and also some of Shakespeare's more well known works lying on the shelf now at home waiting to be read. Pending, as it were.

I went with mum & amy to the christmas morning service. It's a wonder how every year they seem to slip in the same phrase of "Put 'Christ' back into Christmas". Every year. I thought better than to stand up and announce that at this time of year Winter Solistice was the original name for the festival, of course celebrated by the Pagans, and then Christians came along and decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Thank Gooodness my friends are back down from uni. You don't realise how much you miss them til they're gone. I want to do so many fantastically good things with them over the coming days. The only thing planned so far though is a gathering at mine on new years eve for drinks and nibbles before we go into town. But that is going to be good.

Goodwill and Cheer xxx

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