Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Seesaw Marjorie Daw...

Strewth! What a day of polar opposites!

My immune system has abandoned my body, allowing it to be overrun by the oncoming tide of disease and parasites. A numerous amount of ailments have attributed to this one horrible feeling of physical incapability and uselessness. However my mind has been sharper than usual, which is a fantastic gain.

I have been strolling the long purple college corridors today, thinking about what has changed about Truro College whilst I have been attending. I think it is definitely the amount of hideously boring and disruptive students. I walked into Allen study centre today and the behaviour of so called 'further education students' was not that dissimilar to that of a group of baby chimpanzees at a zoo. I walked straight back out. I find the art section in Mylor library most appealing due to its quietness and also the strange orangy hue the area seems to have.

I came home, ignored the looming black cloud of exam revision, lay in a really hot bath whilst listening to The Smiths.

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