Sunday, 14 December 2008

pc 4 pc?

I spied the Coca Cola advert twice this morning. The holidays are coming. How exciting.

Congratulations to Alexandra. I think she should have won. But they've all ruined Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Thank God we didn't get to hear Eoghan sing his version. I can't stand Eoghan. I'm glad to see him disappear into a shroud of performances at Butlins and Haven holiday camps.

I'm getting increasingly fed up of people who post bulletins on myspace saying "pc 4 pc" or "photo comments please". We all like to hear compliments, but it's just such an irksome thing, to see people asking for them. I don't know if I'm just getting excited at damning them, but I'd go as far to say that these people are a little insecure.

This post is so negative. I'm sorry. I'm feeling under the weather. It's a pathetic excuse but an excuse nonetheless.

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