Sunday, 4 January 2009

college college college college BOOM *blows brains out*

Being away from college, being with friends, friends who now have left college and moved on with their lives has made this festive period rather special. I've learnt to appreciate friendships more. I am already looking forward to Easter period where, once again, the boys are back in town.

In the meantime I shall stroll the corridors of Mylor, Tresillian and Kenwyn feeling like the ugly orphan who never gets picked, who sees friends come and then go and dreams of one day meeting and then being picked by the perfect family.

I think that metaphor was one of those which would have killed a conversation. As Bill Hicks says... "Whadd'ya say we lighten things up and talk about abortion?"

But seriously, on a less than serious note...

Earlier I opened the fridge for one of the 16839205002 beers I had bought for a new years eve gathering and a fruit pie slid out. I don't know why because in all my years I don't recall once a time where mother has bought a pie. In an attempt to save it I rapidly stuck a hand underneath it but unfortunately for me the pie had been placed upside down in the fridge (goodness knows why) and so I had a lot of tasty raspberry jam on my sticky hand.

Nighty night folks.

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