Saturday, 31 January 2009


Is probably the best sound to sum up my weekends of late. Nothing is happening. I sit at home thinking "I could do some work, but hang on, here is a link to a video I haven't seen on youtube!" I need to put some petrol in my car and convince my friends that we should have picnics in areas of Cornwall we have never before set foot.

I could befriend a heroin addict, that would make my life interesting. Maybe I should join a cult, then I would have reason not talk to certain people anymore, then after a particularly bad incident think "What have I become?!" and then subsequently de-convert myself triggering a renewed sense of purpose and will. A chance to look at life in a new light. Or perhaps I could pretend I have been abducted by aliens. What is the difference between pretending and lying? I guess in that context there is no difference. I signed up to emails from an enthusiastic church a few years ago (the kind of church that to me now looks rather cult-ish) and it sent me emails on how the 'spirit is moving' in certain parts of the world. One day they sent me an email saying that one of their leaders who had been telling everyone he was terminally ill with cancer didn't actually have cancer and that he had decieved everyone including his family. It then went on to imply that instead of his body being sick it was just his mind that was sick and therefore he 'needs our prayers'.

I just did a quick google of his name and found out that he once performed a song in church with an oxygen tube in his nose and since he admitted he was lying he has also come forward with the confession that he has been addicted to porn since he was 12. Get well soon!

I'm listening to Elbow with the BBC concert orchestra at the moment and it is fantastic. Here is the link if you like them:

The idea of picnics and exploring Cornwall has got me rather excited. Roll on 'Summer 09'!

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