Thursday, 22 January 2009

I want to do a poo in Pauls bathroom!

I hate that advert so much. I would like to see the minutes from the publicity & advertising meeting where that idea was brought forward. "Dave suggests idea of child wanting to do a poo at his friends house because it smells nicer due to our product being available to use in the bathroom. The idea was met with enthusiasm from other team members."

I've noticed a few times that when fairly light hearted topical programs such as BBC breakfast or GMTV talk about Barrack Obama's appointment they always throw in the "you might have heard about this story" joke. It gets incredibly annoying and repetitive. It wouldn't be half as annoying if they didn't have a look on their face afterwards that reads "I am a genius." It would be much funnier to have a much more serious topic addressed with this kind of light hearted sarcasm on the 10 o'clock News rather than breakfast TV.

When you watch a news program next presented by two presenters (It's always a man and a woman. Although ITV Westcountry News was once presented by two men and it was easily the most unbearably tense thing I have ever seen) watch the presenter who isn't speaking. I can't put into words why I am urging you to do this, but just do it. I find it hilarious for reasons unknown to even me.

Continuing on the subject of News programs I am fed up of local news. Or rather the lack of local news. Spotlight seems to be filled with trivial headlines about badgers, old people and Japanese knot-weed. Occasionally you have the odd murder (which always seems to happen in St Ives) or a particularly nasty car accident but largely the local news is about issues that only a handful of people care about. Usually one of these people interviewed has a thick Camborne accent and throws in the phrase "It's absolutely disgraceful. I've lived here all my life and never seen nothin' like it."


lally* said...

you are so right about local news. The other day they had a story about some puppies from Devon which had been named after states in America and the piece was entitled ' President Obama may buy puppy from Devon for his daughter' . It was literally the best thing I have ever heard.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just saw that advert and... I completely empathise.