Friday, 2 January 2009

The Fall of Man, 2009.

My new years resolutions have already done me more harm than good. I went for a run today & as I approached my normal stopping point I thought to myself "No! Your normal distance will not suffice!"

So I pushed myself, and pushed, I was nearing my new target where I certainly would have stopped and I saw a chain across my path. My usual self would have ran around it, but I remembered my resolutions and repeated in my head "take more risks!". At this time I had tripled my normal running distance so I was so full of it. I was pumped up and in Rocky Balboa mode. Jumping a chain about a foot and a half off the floor was no task, I could do it in my sleep.

You can probably guess from me building this up and up that it takes a horrible turn down humbling street. My leading foot, yes, my leading foot didn't even clear the chain and next thing I knew I landed on the hard cobbled street knee & elbow first. I got up feeling rather pathetic but thankful that it was about 9ish and no one was about. Then I noticed that my elbow had been cut open horribly. I had to walk a few miles back home, scaring little children out the way with my red soaked hands and blood stained t-shirt.

I did walk through a wooded area where a pony was grazing and the scent in the air was very similar to Earl Grey tea. I think it cleared the sinuses.

So I got walked home and cleaned myself up. I managed to get both shampoo & shower gel in my wounds. Then my knee swelled up and became very painful whenever I moved my leg. So we went to A&E in PZ. Waited an hour and a half to be told that there was nothing wrong with the bone. When you wait that long, part of you wants you to have smashed your knee cap into 5 pieces, so that you haven't wasted part of your life needlessly in a hospital.

Oh well. So I'm at home now. Elbow bandaged up, knee is still pretty painful. But I think I might help myself to some Baileys.

Happy 2009 xx

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