Friday, 30 January 2009

I had such a bizarre dream last night...

I was sat in Art history and the lecturer was leading the whole class in singing 'Hallelujah'. Everyone was singing it heartily, having a good time looking around and smiling. It was like something out of a Coca Cola advert. The ones that make you forget about all the ethical issues that they haven't really smoothed out yet and make you remember all the happy childhood memories you have of drinking Coca Cola outside in the garden on a summers day, feeling the bubbles fizz in your mouth, quenching your thirst and tasting that unique sweet caramelised flavour.

In the dream we sang the Leonard Cohen version. I think overall I prefer Jeff Buckley's, but I do like Leonard's. I don't like Alexandra Burke's version (Have I got all these apostrophes right?). I'm sure she's a really nice person, and she does have an incredible talent, but what she stands for, the whole commercialisation of the music industry is slowly bludgeoning to death all creativity and individuality wrapped up in it.

I was just on the Wikipedia page for Fox News and a delightful wikipedia user had cleverly replaced the word 'Fox' with the word 'Faux' all throughout the page. Well done Sir or Madam.

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