Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then we'll begin.

I thought my teacher was going to yell at me today. I suggested that the main cause of the Berlin Blockade was perhaps due to the fact that Truman didn't return his library books to Stalin. For a second she had this glint in her eye that suggested she was going to slaughter me. It subsided. But she still said something about taking work seriously. I was tempted to just mention that I had an unconditional offer from Falmouth so it didn't matter if I took it seriously or not but then I thought of the lecture I would get in return so I decided against the cheeky quip.

I watched Slumdog Millionaire at the cinema this evening. It was ok. One of my favourite parts was the dance that the cast did on the train platform during the end credits. That was really interesting.

When I got home, Fleet Foxes were on the culture show. So I'm in a wonderfully relaxed mood because I've listened to their album twice this evening now. I want a big bushy beard and to be as friendly as the man who lives on my road in the pickup truck. Or to be as mysterious as the alcoholic on my road. He used to be a concert pianist. But now he goes to Tesco every morning at 8am to buy beer. The other day I passed him and offered a 'hullo', to which he replied 'morning'. Then he hastily spun around and was very quick to point out that it was in fact the afternoon. As soon as he had said 'morning' I could see that he was thinking 'Oh shit! Now he's going to know I'm drunk. Better correct myself.' It was just the way he said it that made it quite funny. Perhaps I should start chatting to him.

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Samuel Stokes said...

i also watched slumdog millionaire the other day , if anything the dance confused me. Good music though.