Thursday, 26 March 2009

What? It's not like a First bus to break down?! How peculiar!

I was sat at the back of the bus today on the way home. The carriage started filling up with engine fumes. Coming past Redruth there was a massive bang and then white smoke started pouring out of the exhaust. We pulled up on the bypass & waited for a few decades. The replacement bus was a single decker. They send a single decker to replace a double decker? Damn First buses! I had a nice spacious back seat & then I had to trade that for a step at the back of the bus.

I bought TV on the Radio's album today. Pretty smashing album. I was listening to it when I dropped Robin & Aaron home today. I left my house and the dial was below the red and on the white empty line. I still managed to drive about 5 miles. Mind you, I was travelling at 20mph most of it.

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