Saturday, 28 March 2009

sorry sorry sorry

All I've eaten today is a bowl of supernoodles. I'm not at all hungry. Those who I eat lunch with at college will have noted my crammed lunchbox and insatiable appetite, however today has proved to be rather odd. I walked the coastal path from Carbis Bay to Lelant this evening. I walked across Porthkidney Sands and watched the changing colour of the sky over St Ives. The sea was of an interesting colour also. It was extremely windy, bitterly cold and the waves were very choppy and rough but in a strange sense it still looked inviting. However to my mind now that idea seems completely bizarre because I am sat shivering feverishly in a cold room. The muscles in my lower back have cramped up because of the chill. But at the time the sea looked rather fresh and clean.

Since getting back I have felt awful. That horrible ominous black cloud has floated over my head once again and I feel compelled to do nothing but sit here and think about all sorts of negative things. Consequently I'm really sorry that you have to read all this crap that comes spewing out of my mouth, I truly am. I guess a slither of me finds it theraputic to ramble on about my feelings at the expense of the reader.

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