Saturday, 21 March 2009

helllooo i'm drunk

I saw Shanty Baba in town. The man who tells the St Ives ghost stories. I am so drunk right now. I told him that his stories were a load of bullshit. He said that it was my opinion. He then asked me to sit down with him outside the shop. So I did. He then said I should draw a dot on my forehead and stare at it. He said I'd see things that would scare me. I'm not sure if I would though. He is full of bullshit. Bullshit baba is what we should call him. But respect to him for sitting down with me and talking about Indian philosophy. No matter how much bollocks it is. Jeremy will be able to tell me if any decent philosophical theories have come from India. I'm sorry for being so fucking drunk when I post this.


Rosie Kliskey said...

this brightened up my day a little :)

Goodnight Mr Tom said...

My spelling is rather good when I'm drunk.

Elektro said...

God you are hard sunshine.

I am in awe Mate, honestly, just totally awe inspired...

{ BANG }

...aww bollocks, my sarcasm detector has blown up again, that's the third time in a week whilst patronising some irksome little jumped up git.

Exactly what harm has he ever done you?


Infact, if it wasn't for entrepreneurial and innovative people like him that bring tourists etc. into your town then it wouldn't last very long would it.

Think about that the next time you come up with some smart arsed comment you tit.