Thursday, 5 March 2009

Yet another topsy turvy day in the life of Tom

I took the car to college so I could leave early to get to the dentist on time. The dentist! I know! What a bore!

I left college early which I was glad to do. In my last period, the lecturer accused me of skiving her lessons (which I hadn't) so I got rather defensive and at one point extremely rude. Escaping the class I ran down into the estate. It was raining heavily by this point. On approaching my car I noticed I had left the lights on. Oh fantastic. This just couldn't get any better could it. I tried the ignition, hoping for the beast to fire up, but it made some measly clicks and died on me. I sat in the car, waiting for mum to drive up from St Ives so we could jump start the car. She came. Eventually. So there we were, mother and son, with their cars parked together, bonnets up in the driving rain. It was horrendous. Anyway, Team Trevorrow managed to get the car started and I drove home. I had to put up with an awful lot on the way home. Frozen feet, wet hair & wet shoes. At one point an SUV tried to merge into the very lane I was in. I had to swerve to avoid the prick. I sounded my horn. Later he overtook me and just stared at me. What a bastard.

Ah well. I can put that all behind me though, because when I got home I opened what was the best letter I have ever received.

Addressed from Falmouth, I knew this was it. In or out. I had to re-read the opening sentence several times because I couldn't find the phrase 'We are sorry to inform you' in it. It came as such a shock. I thought I had done hideously in the interview. And my portfolio contained more unfinished work than finished. Yet somehow by mistake they have offered me a place. Further good news is that it is an unconditional offer, so now that means I can lead a stress free life of aimless meandering through Zennor moor and divulging whole cheeseboards of creamy heaven. Not giving a damn about my college subjects. Ha! As if the lecturers would allow me such a pleasure! I've realised by now that the 'enriching rewards' of being a teacher is less of seeing us grow in our understanding - which is consequently what they tell us - and more the power trips of delivering their own personal brand of suffering. The amount of times I was ran into a corner by a teacher who could smell the fear and just lived off it. I think some of the most vicious two faced people I've ever met have been teachers. Teachers are nothing but mild sociopaths with qualifications.

Perhaps that statement is rather too sweeping. I know many teachers who are very pleasant, kind and forgiving. Yes. On second thoughts it's only a handful who are absolute tyrannous brutes. I should have stated that before perhaps haha! But I guess views and opinions are always much more exciting when hardened, encompassing and sure of themselves.

Although it doesn't necessarily make a person like-able. For instance Piers Morgan who is about as smug as he is both ignorant and arrogant. He seems to believe that he is some sort of Paxmanesque no-nonsense journalist who also happens to be born with a superior set of morals to everyone else, but at the same time holds the view of the majority and the respectable working man. His voice was used for a commercial recently and he said in it 'It is my opinion, and therefore a fact...' It was so incredibly frustrating when I heard it. Is he trying to get everyone to hate him? I wish he would wake up one day and realise: 'Oh my God! I'm such a cock!'

Apparently Stephen Fry made the joke: What's the definition of countryside?
Killing Piers Morgan.


lally* said...

I heard that piers joke the other day, how I laughed !

Anonymous said...

I, too, hate Piers Morgan. I read his column in Live!, and I just want to pull his face off.
Dylan Jones too. He's a tosser.