Saturday, 14 March 2009

i wish

Today I sat overlooking Porthmeor reading. The air ambulance came for someone and landed on the sand. I wanted to know what had happened. But I couldn't really wonder down without looking like an insufferable rubber-necked individual. I hate gossips but love gossipping. I'm just one big simmering pot of hypocrisy I'm afraid.

I was looking at the empty Woolworths today and thinking it would make a great 3 storey art gallery. And every now and again we could have a band play there on an opening night maybe. Not smallish local bands, but bands like Fleet Foxes & Radiohead. It would be amazing. Mellow music whilst people can look at art. Fleet Foxes are my new favourite band btw. People would object against it being an art gallery though. Someone always does. Somebody wrote a letter to the times & echo saying how nice it would be to turn it into an indoor market like Truro Pannier Market. Eurgh. Possibly the most disgusting idea I've ever heard. There was a rumour that Stringfellows was denied permission to use it as a lap dancing club. Haha. It will end up becoming Iceland or Argos unfortunately which is probably worse than the market idea.

And my computer screen has just rotated 90 degrees so the lines are now descending down the page. This is really weird. It's never happened before. I'm getting a crick in my neck just operating this damn thing. If anyone knows how to sort this out then comments will be much appreciated. You can tell me what you think of my Pope Benedict XVI mug too. I personally think it's the best mug ever made.


Samuel Stokes said...

I dont know how to change the screen back :\ but i can tell you your idea for the old woolworths/the mug is amazing.

Rosie Kliskey said...

haha i like the added detail of the rescue remedy and ibuprofen on your desk hahaha :)